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9 Apr 2017. Flash Floods. The Desert Lion Project has continued with research and monitoring. Extensive and unusual flash floods were recorded for the Ugab, Hoanib, Hoaruseb and Khumib Rivers (photos below). The flooding rivers have restricted movements and certain areas, like the Hoanib Floodplain and most of the lower Ugab River, has not been accessible by vehicle. The last “Musketeer”, Xpl-93 “Tullamore”, is doing well in the Okongwe Mountains. On a few occasions he moved dangerously close to Tomakas, but did not stay long before returning to Okongwe. It would appear that some of the Okongwe lionesses may have been poisoned or shot near Tomakas, but this could not yet be confirmed. The three orphan Floodplain cubs are alive and well (photos below). They have been observed trying to hunt giraffes. The Desert Lion Project is currently working on data analysis and writing of several publications aimed for the end of 2017.