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Remote Camera Trap

Remote cameras are used to assist with the monitoring of lion movements in remote areas and to collect ID photos of lions and other large carnivores. A selection of interesting and unique photos and short video clips captured by the cameras are displayed on this page. Navigate to the links below to view images and video clips.

Wereldsend - Oct 2008
18 photos, 3 videos
lion, hyaena, other sps

Wereldsend - Dec 2008
11 photos
leopard, hyaena, other sps

Hoaruseb - Oct/Nov 2008
6 photos, 1video
brown hyaena, oryx

Hoanib - Oct/Nov 2008
7 photos, 1 video
lion, elephant, people

Wereldsend - Jan 2009
3 photos
spotted hyaena

Springbokwasser - Feb 2009
3 photos, 1 video
Black crows, ostrich, springbok

Hoanib Floodplain - Aug 2009
12 photos
Honey badger, jackal, br hyaena, Cape fox

Hoanib Floodplain - Oct 2009
6 photos
Lion, jackal, brown hyaena, giraffe


Hoanib Floodplain - 2010
12 photos
Brown hyaena, jackal, cat, porcupine, springbok, ostrich

SRT Images
8 photos
Leopard, cheetah, spotted hyaena, caracal

Hoanib Floodplain - 2010 (August)
extra 6 photos, 4 videos
Brown hyaena, lion, oryx