Wereldsend waterhole: 27 - 31 Jan 2009 -- Go back to Camera Trap

The spotted hyaenas at Wereldsend have taken a dislike in the camera traps mounted at the waterhole. On four occasions the cameras were bitten, ripped from their mountings and carried off. A camera mounted by Round River was never recovered and the others were all damaged. As a result the camera trap monitoring at Wereldsend waterhole will not continue, at least for a few months. Below is a sequence of photos from 30 January 2009 showing the time of a spotted hyaena drinking, then walking up to the camera and biting it. The camera was ripped from a metal stake and carried off. The hyaena's tracks were followed and the camera was found 300 metres from the waterhole.

22:26 - spotted hyaena drinking

22:29 - walking up to the camera

22:32 - biting the camera