Submitting Information

This Form can be used to submit a) observations on lions, b) general comments or questions, c) reports on website errors and d) notifications/information regarding donations.

Occasionally the Desert Lion Project receives information and photographs of lion sightings from tourists and people that visit/work in the area. Quite often these sightings, and especially the photographs, are very valuable (see below). The majority of all the lions, over the age of two years, are individually known and can be identified based on their whisker-spot patterns, brandmarks or radio collars. A number of these observations and photos have provided important information. A request is therefore made for interested parties to submit sightings using the form below. Supporting photographs of lions can be sent to the following email address ( Photographs should be +- 700 pix wide & 200 KB in size to identify individual lions from whisker patterns and brandmarks. Information from as far back as the 1970's can potentially be of great value.

Photo of Xpl-9 by SRT - 2008 Brandmark of Xpl-9

Send ID photos to

Tourist photo of Xpl-37 Whisker pattern of Xpl-37


The option of submitting comments & sightings of lions via the “Submit Form” format has been stopped. This became necessary because of receiving a vast amount of automatically generated emails – up to 300 per day.