Movement patterns and activity of desert-adapted lions in Namibia - March 2009

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The frequency of lions returning to the CP was calculated on a time-scale of days between visits of <1 km from the CP (Figure 21). With the exclusion of Xpl-16, whose movements were markedly different, the lions returned to the CP of their respective home ranges every 6.6 days, on average (range 1-36 days). Male lions (excluding Xpl-16) returned to the CP (x = 7.9 days, SE = 1.0) less often than did lionesses (x = 5.6 days, SE = 0.86), although the difference was not significant (t = -1.76, P = 0.08).

Figure 21. Average frequency (days) and standard error of lions returning to the centre-point (CP) of their respective home ranges. The range of days is listed on top of each bar.

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