Xpl-20 : The Hobatere Male

Xpl-20 was born near Aub Canyon in Aug 2000. He was first marked on 10 Dec 2001. During Jun 2005 he disoersed with his brother (Xpl-19) To western Etosha and setlled on Hobatere. (Photos below by Dirk Heinrich).

The home range of Xpl-20 prior to moving to Hobatere was 2,457 sqr km (light blue). The home range of Xpl-20 at Hobatere from july 2005 to Dec 2009 was 452 sqr km (light green).


On 24 Apr 2010 a GPS collar was fitted to Xpl-20. He was shot for trophy hunting on 6 Oct 2010 at the age of 10 years and 2 months. During this period his home range was 563.9 sqr km.

The life-time home range of Xpl-20 was 4,254 sqr km.