The Hoaruseb Pride

Xpl-44 Movements Xpl-37 & 38 2004 - 2011 Eco-tourism

The Hoaruseb and Hoanib Floodplain groups
The genealogy of the original Huaruseb Pride (below) gives a schematic overview of the composition and relatedness of the group. Xpl-10 (“Sarah” – named after the shopkeeper at Purros) and her daughter (Xpl-25) moved to the Hoanib Floodplain towards the end of 2006. Xpl-37 & 38 (Xpl-10's second litter) remained in the Hoaruseb River and produced their first litters early in 2008. Initially the two sub-groups interacted occasionally, but the frequency of these interactions decreased significantly towards 2008. The male (Xpl-44) joined the Hoaruseb lionesses in March 2007.

The two Hoaruseb lionesses (Xpl-37 and Xpl-38) gave birth to their first respective litters early in 2008. These lions are the focus of intensive research and monitoring, and the implementation of sustainable lion eco-tourism in the Kunene Region is based primarily on them. As a result, a large volume of information is available and it justifies the allocation of a separate web page to the Hoaruseb lions, and in particular to the development of the cubs. Regular updates, photos and video clips will be posted on this page.

Xpl-37 "Morada"
Xpl-38 "Tawny"
Male: X37/8-1 "Crimson"
Female: X38/8-1 "Maya"
Male: X38/8-2 "Indigo"
Born: 1-15 May 2008
Born: 10 - 25 February 2008
Born: 10 - 25 February 2008