Current locations - The Obab Lionesses

Xpl-45 "Lovechild" Xpl-54

Xpl-45 is the daughter of Xpl-22 and was born in the Agab River on 22 Mar 2005. Xpl-22, Xpl-45 and Xpl-49 dispersed to the Obab/Barab Rivers during 2008. With the birth of her second litter in mid-2013, Xpl-45 (“Lovechild”) separated from the main Obab Pride. Together with her three female cubs she has subsequently been favouring the lower Uniab, Samanab and Koigab Rivers. On 10 Dec 2014 Xpl-45 was immobilised and fitted with a new satellite collar. Xpl-45 and the three young females (the Obab Lionesses) discovered the Uniab Delta in March 2015.

To assist the Ministry of Environment & Tourism and Namibia Wildlife Resorts with the management of potential conflict between lions and tourists/fishermen visiting the Park, the daily movements of Xpl-45 are presented below. The map and current location of the lions will be updated every day. The red dot indicates the position of the lions at 07h00 on the date that appears below and the blue dots show their movements during the previous 5 days.


5 Oct 201607h00


13 Sep 201607h00




8 Apr 2016

Previous movements. A GPS collar was fitted to Xpl-45 on 17 Apr 2010. Below is a brief summary of her movements between Apr and Aug 2010.