The Hoanib Floodplain Pride

Xpl-10 Xpl-25 Xpl-56

Xpl-56 was born in Feb 2007 near Auses Spring on the Hoanib Floodplain (his mother was Xpl-25). He was first marked on 20 May 2009 and then fitted with a satellite GPS collar on 12 Apr 2010. In mid-Aug 2010, Xpl-56 dispersed from his natal pride and moved to the Okongwe area. He is believed to have been poisoned during Nov 2010. More details will follow.

Xpl-56 disappeared. The satellite GPS collar of Xpl-56 stopped sending emails on 3 Nov 2010. Despite extensive search efforts during Nov & Dec 2010, Xpl-56 has not yet been found. There are three possible explanations: 1) there was a total malfunction of the satellite GPS collar and that the lion is still alive (highly unlikely), 2) the lion was poisoned, trapped or shot and died in a cave (possible, but given the extensive search efforts, also unlikely), and 3) the lion was killed and the satellite GPS collar destroyed (the most realistic explanation).

An accurate movement animation is presented below of Xpl-56 (red dot) for the last 5 days before he disappeared. Xpl-56 was in the company of Xpl-72 (blue dot) of the Hoanib 70's group. Immediately after the satellite GPS collar of Xpl-56 stopped working, the 70's lionesses rapidly vacated the area. Although there is no conclusive evidence, the most logical hypothesis is that the lion was killed and that the satellite collar was destroyed.

Below is a summary of his movements between Apr and Nov 2010.