The Hoanib Pride

Xpl-3 "Adolf" Xpl-47 "Bianca" Xpl-72 "The 70's"

The "70's" or the Okongwe lionesses

When they were first located in the Okongwe area, it was unsure where the lionesses came from. Data gathered on the group were analysed and scrutinised carefully, including comparison with the lion ID database and photographs submitted by tourist and other interested parties. The findings were quite conclusive and proved that they belong to the Hoanib Pride. A brief summary is presented below. Interestingly, Xpl-71 had 6 nipples, instead of the expected 4 (see normal example - photo bottom right).

Photo by Ben Cranke (2007): XF-11 identified as Xpl-71, and XF-12 is "Bianca" (Xpl-47)

Three points of identification (see below) - photo by Ben Cranke (2007)

Xpl-22 - an example of the four nipples of a normal lioness

The Desert Lion ID database and photographic records were invaluable to identify the "Okongwe" lions as part of the Hoanib Pride. Photographs taken by Ben Cranke in the Hoanib River in 2007 (above: bottom left & middle) proved to be critical in piecing it all together. From those photos, both of the newly marked "Okongwe" lions (Xpl-70 & 71) and three of the Hoanib Pride lions ("Bianca", Xpl-57 & 59) were identified. As an example, three identification points (above: bottom middle photo) of linking Xpl-71 with XF-11 are presented below. All the photos along the top row (below) are of the lioness named XF-11 in the ID database (Ben Cranke 2007). The photos along the bottom row were taken last night during the darting of Xpl-71.

Unique ear-notches of XF-11 (B Cranke 2007) Whisker spot patterns (XF-11) Unusual presence of a third nipple (XF-11)
Right ear (Xpl-71) Left ear (Xpl-71) Xpl-71 Xpl-71

On 26 Aug 2010 one of the 70's lionesses (Xpl-72) were darted and fitted with a GPS collar. Movement data were downloaded from the collar on 16 Nov 2010 and a summary is displayed below.