Current locations - Hoanib Pride

Xpl-73 "Rosh" Xpl-70 Fly with "Rosh"

Xpl-73 “Rosh” was born during Sep 2004 in the Uniab River and on 1 Jul 2014 he was shot in the Gomatum River near Purros. He was first darted at the Hunkap spring on 8 Sep 2010 and fitted with a GPS collar. Xpl-73 then moved to the Hoanib River where he spent time between the lionesses of the Floodplain, Hoanib and Okongwe prides. On 27 Oct 2012 his fading GPS collar was replaced with a satellite collar.

The “70’s” or the Okongwe lionesses were originally part of the main Hoanib Pride. They dispersed to the Okongwe Mountains and have not associated with Hoanib Pride females for several years. Xpl-70 was fitted with a satellite collar on 17 Feb 2013 and the collar was replaced on 12 Aug 2014.

The current movements of the lioness Xpl-70 are presented below. The map and current locations of the lions will be updated every day. The red dot indicate the position of the lioness at 07h00 on the date that appears below and the blue dots show the movements during the previous 5 days.

23 Oct 2014







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