The Hunkap Pride

Xpl-53 "Charlotte" Xpl-54 Xpl-73 "Rosh"

A new male (Xpl-73 "Rosh") moved into the Hinakp area and was darted on 8 Sep 2010 to fit a GPS collar.

Long-term records from the ID database showed that Xpl-73 came from the Agab Pride and that his mother was Xpl-18.


Xpl-73 soon moved further north and joined the Hoanib Floodplain Pride. Below are four synchronised movement animations of Xpl-73 (red icon) and two lionesses (dark blue icon = Xpl-10, Floodplain Pride; light blue icon = "Bianca" Xpl-47, Hoanib Pride) for a two-month period, between 22 Nov 2010 and 21 Jan 2011. Each animation spans over 15 days.

22 Nov 2010 - 6 Dec 2010

7 - 21 Dec 2010

22 Dec 2010 - 5 Jan 2011

6 - 21 Jan 2011

Below is a movement animation of Xpl-73 (red icon) between 25 Oct and 9 Nov 2010. The blue icon represent the movements of Xpl-10 during that time.