News - 2012



25 Jan 2012. Michelin. A presentation on the Desert LIon Project will be given today to Michelin, South Africa. The talk will focus on providing them with feedback on the BF Goodridge tires that they have sponsored to the Project. Adolf Huester is thanked for arranging the occasion. *Moment*.

23 Jan 2012. Calendar. A Desert Lion Calendar for 2012 was designed and a few copies were printed. The calendar pages will be presented on the NEWS pages for each month of 2012 (see above) and can also be viewed on the Calendar page.

22 Jan 2012. Maintenance & logistics. The important activities, mentioned on 12 Jan 2012, continues. New satellite and radio collars have been ordered from African Wildlife Tracking, essential additions and improvements to the Desert Lion website are in process, and several fundraising efforts are underway. A panoramic view, as seen from the Mowe Bay Cabin, is presented below.

12 Jan 2012. Maintenance & data analysis. As mentioned earlier in December 2011, fieldwork has been put on hold temporarily in order to attend to other important matters such as: family, data analysis, website management and fundraising. Several interesting images retrieved from four camera traps on the Hoanib Floodplain and at Mowe Bay are presented below.

2 Jan 2012. Mowe Bay. Several days were spent with family and friends at the Mowe Bay Cabin. During the time repairs and improvements were made to the Cabin. (Photos by P & A Sander).

Brown hyaena near the Cabin
Repairs to the Mowe Bay Cabin
A visit from Sgt. Mangundu of the Namibian Police

1 Jan 2012. New Year at Mowe Bay.

31 Dec 2011. Lions at Auses. Two Floodplain lionesses were located at Auses spring. It is suspected that the two lionesses gave birth and they are keeping their cubs amongst the thick vegetatio