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Locations of lions. Torra: Huab Pride & Agab Pride. Sesfontein/Purros: Hoanib Pride (Xpl-73 Xpl-70). & Nomadic: Terrace Male, Dorob Male (Xpl-77). The daily movement updates were stopped temporarily on 25 Mar 2013 because it appeared that the information might have been used in the shooting of Xpl-85 (Agab Pride) and the attempted hunting of lions from the Huab Pride. Movement updates for the “Terrace Male”, the “Dorob Male” and the Hoanib Pride (see above) were re-instated on 31 Mar 2013.

31 Mar 2013. Movements Updates. Photos were retrieved from the array of camera-traps on the Hoanib Floodplain. The "Terrace Male" (Xpl-68) was captured on two cameras during March 2013 and there were several images of cheetahs (see below). After numerous requests to re-instate the daily movement updates (especially those of Xpl-68) and discussion related to the shooting of Xpl-85, it was decided to continue posting the daily movements of the "Terrace Male", the "Dorob Male" and the Hoanib Pride (Xpl-70 & Xpl-73).

28 Mar 2013. Lower Uniab River. The “Terrace Male” completed feeding on the Oryx and started moving up-river along the Uniab.

27 Mar 2013. Uniab Waterfall. The “Terrace Male” (Xpl-68) spent most of the day resting at the base of the waterfall in the Uniab Delta, approximately 200 metres from ocean.

26 Mar 2013. Uniab River. The “Terrace Male” explored numerous gullies that form part of the extensive delta at the mouth of the Uniab River. The observations confirmed that Xpl-68 was not injured during the confrontation with Xpl-73 “Rosh” at the Hoanib Floodplain on 14 Mar 2013.

25 Mar 2013. Xpl-68 at Uniab mouth. The “Terrace Male” was observed feeding on an Oryx carcass at the mouth of the Uniab River. A young male lion (Xpl-85) of the Agab Pride was shot near Poacher’s Camp in the Torra Conservancy. The shooting was legal and forms part of a retaliation to the killing of several livestock by the Agab Pride on 6 Mar 2013. The daily movement updates of the lions fitted with satellite radio collars (see above) have been stopped temporarily.

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24 Mar 2013. Xpl-68 at Uniab Delta. The “Terrace Male” killed an Oryx at the mouth of the Uniab River.

23 Mar 2013. Uniab Delta. The “Terrace Male” arrived at the Uniab Delta for the first time since 30 Jan 2013. During this period he returned to the Huab River and visited Hunkap spring and the Hoanib Floodplain. For other movement updates - see above.

22 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

21 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

20 Mar 2013. Updates. Acknowledgements to sponsors and upgrading of the Funding page of the website are underway. For movement updates - see above.

19 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

18 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

17 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

16 Mar 2013. Swakopmund Talk. The Desert Lion presentation at the Namib High School in Swakopmund was a success - 206 interested people attended the event.

15 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

14 Mar 2013. Midday Update. Since midnight (after the confrontation), the “Terrace Male” moved 32.3 km through the dunes towards Terrace Bay. He stopped briefly at a large pool of water trapped in the dunes from the unusual rainstorm earlier in the year. Xpl-73 “Rosh” moved upstream along the Hoanib River for 20.3 km and joined the Floodplain lionesses near the Mudorib waterhole.

14 Mar 2013. Confrontation on the Floodplain. Xpl-73 “Rosh” walked 68 km to locate the “Terrace Male (Xpl-68) on the Floodplain (red arrow). The data from their satellite collars suggest that there was a confrontation between the two males and that Xpl-37 displaced the “Terrace Male” (blue arrow). Unless it is pure coincidence, which is unlikely, it is possible that Xpl-73 heard the roars of Xpl-68, perhaps by detecting infrasound.

13 Mar 2013. Unusual movement. On 12 Mar 2013 Xpl-73 “Rosh” suddenly left the northern Okongwe Mountains and walked more than 50 km in a straight line to the Hoanib Floodplain. The “Terrace Male” (Xpl-68) has been in the area for the past few days and they moved directly towards each other early this morning. A confrontation between the two males is inevitable.

11 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

10 Mar 2013. Cape Town Function. The presentation on the Desert Lion Project and the fundraising function at Altydgedacht in Cape Town on 8 Mar 2013 was as a success. A report on the event and acknowledgements to the incredible support will be presented as soon as the details become available. A few images, courtesy of “Die Burger”, are presented below of the auction (hosted by Mr Beyers Truter – photo: left & middle) and the Master of Ceremonies (Mr Johan Rademan - photos: middle & right). According to local reports, the Agab lions continued killing livestock in the Torra Conservancy during this period and it was, regrettably, not possible to monitor the movements of “Monica” (Xpl-36) and give feedback to the Conservancy at the usual frequency. However, when the satellite movements of Xpl-36 were plotted now, it does not appear that she moved into the livestock area at all during the past 30 hours. The Dorob Male (Xpl-77) moved 28.1 km during the past 18 hours.

9 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

8 Mar 2013. Cape Town Talk. Final preparations are underway for the fundraising event and presentation at Altydgedacht this evening. Movement updates are available.

7 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. “Monica” (Xpl-36) remained in the mountains west of the road during the night, but she didn’t return to cattle carcasses.

6 Mar 2013. Xpl-36 update. “Monica” (Xpl-36) and the Agab lions killed three cows near the main road at 03h00 this morning. At 07h00 they left the area and moved into the mountains towards the west (see image: bottom right). The Torra Conservancy and relevant parties are being informed of the movements of the lions and they are monitoring the situation on the ground.

6 Mar 2013. Xpl-36 in danger. “Monica” (Xpl-36) and the Agab lions have returned to the main road north of Spaarwater in the Torra Conservancy. This is a populated area with large numbers of livestock. The images below were recorded at 03:00 and the Torra Conservancy were informed of the development.

5 Mar 2013. Xpl-68 reaches Floodplain. Xpl-68 did not go to the Uniab Delta, as was predicted, but walked to the Hoanib Floodplain instead.

4 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.

3 Mar 2013. Xpl-68 reaches Hunkap. As predicted, the "Terrace Male" moved directly to Hunkap spring and then turned westwards following the riverbed towards the Uniab Delta. He walked 87.6 km during the past 24 hours. “Monica” Xpl-36) moved into the mountains away from the livestock area near the main road.

2 Mar 2013. "Terrace Male". Xpl-68 moved through the area in the Agab River where he was born and he appears to be heading back to the Hunkap spring and possibly the Uniab Delta. Xpl-36 “Monica” has moved back to the main road between Bergsig and Palmwag where there are large numbers of livestock.

1 Mar 2013. Movement Updates. See above.