for support and assistance (since February 2007)

5 March 2008. 2008 Research Report acknowledgements: Desert Lion Conservation received financial support and sponsorship from the following parties during 2007 (listed alphabetically): The Cardboard Box Travel Shop, Cycology Cycles, Cymot/Green Sport, Dunlop (Namibia), Charles & Doris Glehn, Go Green Fund (Nedbank), IRDNC, Namibia Nature Foundation, Jody Allan Patton, Andreas Savaretti, J & A Schneider, Hayley Smith, Eric & Joey Stander, Total (Namibia), Wilderness Safaris-Namibia, Wilderness Trust, L & S Weintrobe. Karen Nott is thanked for her efficient and much needed help with the administration, finances and logistics of the project. I would like to acknowledge the help & support (food, supplies, fuel, logistics, ideas & discussions) of the following people: Steve & Louise Braine, Philippa Haden, Linda de Jager, Karen & Trevor Nott, Henk Schoeman, Garth Owen-Smith & Margie Jacobsohn, John & Barbara Patterson, Rob Roy Ramey & Laura Brown, Russell & Tina Vinjevold, Pieter de Wet, Skeleton Coast Camp – Wilderness Safaris, Keith & Suzie Wright. The Ministry of Environment % Tourism is thanked for their support since 1999.

11 February 2008. Dr. Willie Schickerling of Bismarck Medical Centre, Swakopmund, did my annual flight-medical examination free of charge. This kind gesture is appreciated.

15 January 2008. Karen Nott offered her services (28 May 2007) to assist the Desert Lion Project, free of charge, with logistics, communications, and financial management. In addition, throughout 2007, Karen provided continuous additional support, in the form of logistics, field supplies and advice. This contribution has been invaluable to me and the Desert Lion Conservation Project.

4 January 2008. Leon Hagen of Capital Cameras donated a compound bow and more than 80 arrows. This donation will enable me to develop a new technique of darting skittish lions without the use of a spotlight.

November 2007. Okahirongo Elephant Lodge (Pieter de Wet, Rossella & Lucia) have provided valuable logistical support for 2007.

10 October 2007. Rob Roy Ramey II & Laura Brown, of Wildlife Science International, donated an array of practical field equipment, like flashlights, 2-way radio set, climbing ropes, batteries, etc., and assisted with field observations during September & October 2007.

7 September 2007. Steve and Louise Braine, of Hobatere Lodge, have generously supported this project for the past seven years by providing basic supplies and logistics. On 7 September 2007, for example, Louise Braine sent me off into the desert with food supplies amounting to approximately N$ 2000 in value, that kept me going for several weeks.

16 April 2007 - Linda de Jager of String Productions, South Africa, produced three television documentaries on the Desert Lion Project between 2000 and 2006. After the last film, aired on SABC 50/50, Linda offered to support the project and has done so consistently during 2006 and 2007. In addition on 13 October 2007 Linda donated 40 MiniDV tapes, valued at N$ 2,000.

10 April 2007. Keith & Suzie Wright, of Didimala Safaris, are thanked for providing supplies and support.

6 April 2007. Several tourists (G Haegeman, H Smeets, E Rooze, B Valcke, A Valcke, R Valcke, Mr de Cnuydt, C Sergeant, M Opsomer, M Taller) and their Namibian guide, Tas van Solms, whilst visiting Hobatere Lodge, donated N$ 2750 for darts and darting expenses.

6 April 2007. Russell Vinjevold & Tina Green assisted with field work, and provided supplies and support to the project.

5 April 2007. Steve & Louise Braine at Hobatere Lodge collects and records quality data on the movements and behaviour of lions on their tourism concession. In addition they also provide logistical and promotional support.

Prior & ongoing support. (before February 2007)
The Desert Lion Project received financial support and assistance from the following (listed alphabetically): U Bader, The Cardboard Box Travel Shop, Cycology Cycles, Cymot & Green Sport - Axel Theissen & Henning Barth, Dunlop (Namibia) - Malcolm Taylor, Go Green Fund (Nedbank), IRDNC (A Esterhuizen, M Jacobsohn, G Owen-Smith, K Nott), 4x4 Megaworld, Marcella Marone, Rolf Mendelsohn, Ministry of Environment and Tourism - John Patterson & Alwyn Engelbrecht, , Namibia Nature Foundation, OEL - P de Wet, Trevor Nott, Oratory Prep School - Chris Sexxon & Jason Nott (England), Miles October, Robert - Belgo, Andreas Savaretti, Eric & Joye Stander, Total (Namibia), Ingrid Wiesell, Wilderness Safaris Namibia (Dave van Smeerdijk, Eric Reinhart [Serra Cafema], Morne [Skeleton Coast Camp], Wilderness Trust. Peter Hartmann at Aviation Centre maintained the Maule with special care and considerate billing. Jeff Sharman kindly assisted with logistics and service schedules for the aircraft. A special thanks goes to Trevor & Karen Nott for continued support. Field data were collected by P Stander, with assistance from T Nott, O Newman, A Barrett & Steve Braine. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is thanked for their support since 1999.

Tribute. The following people took the time to send words of encouragement and support (2007 & 2008)
Myriam Opsomer (Belgium), Dr Nobby Yamaguchi (UK), Kevin Lotzof (UK), Emily Lane (RSA), Rachel Graham (Belize), Hugh Berry (Namibia), Sue Flood (UK), Brian Joslin (USA), Jean-Michel Malek (USA), Don Wooldridge (USA), Kaitlin Ciavarella (USA), James Sleeth (Canada), Mark Zwolak (Canada), Larry Wilson (USA), Jaco Steynberg (USA), Emilie du Toit (USA), Dorotea Mendoza (USA), Tanya Nugent (Ireland), Susan Beegel (USA), Mary de Jager (Canada), Ian, Janine & Struan Noble (USA), Shirlin Shamloo (USA)